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Transform Your Home into a Cozy Winter Wonderland with Our Comforters featuring Positive Messaging

Wrap your loved ones in luxurious warmth with our dual-sided comforter sets. Bedding from KristiKollections, LLC features bold, beautiful, gender-neutral colors that offer a seamless blend of sumptuous comfort and exquisite design.

One of our client's favorite features is the lightweight warmth that makes it easy for each individual to customize their sleeping temperature by layering as desired. We make it easier than ever to provide your little sleepers with cozy comfort, day and night. Tips for Layering Success

Tips for layering bedding, use our comforters to make your child's bedroom cozy and comfortable

Turn up the temperature without adjusting the dial - If your little one likes to be extra warm at night, adding flannel sheets is an easy way to provide them with extra warmth without impacting your heating bill. Prevent night sweats using moisture-wicking sheets - Pair our comforters with a set of moisture-wicking sheets (not included) to help your little one sleep soundly and snugly.

If your child has a favorite cartoon character or superhero, simply add a throw blanket and make them feel extra secure with the added warmth of knowing their beloved character is still nearby. Two Unique Designs to Choose From

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Hashtag Self-Affirming Reversible Comforter - High-quality comforter featuring positive, inspirational hashtags and bold, beautiful colors designed to enhance any bedroom decor. Each set comes with a dual-sided comforter and two matching pillow shams.

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Self-Affirming Reversible Comforter - This luxurious comforter set will boost any bedroom decor. This reversible comforter is decorated with thoughtful and uplifting messaging in warm, soothing colors. Each comforter set comes with two matching pillow shams. Available in 3 sizes: Twin, Queen, and King.

Winter is the perfect time to replace your child's bedding. Why not take this opportunity to add a dash of mood-boosting positivity that is sure to help them beat the winter blues?

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