• Kristi D.


I decided May 3rd of this year to leave my job of 8 years. This job paid all of my bills. I didn’t want to leave my job because I actually enjoyed working at this company. Well, God saw differently. I would still be working for under someone else and not taking the leap of “faith” to pursue my business. I came across an evil Director which caused a problem for me. I guess I was getting to comfortable and really wasn’t executing my visions I received to move my business forward. After I quit, I started googling opportunities to get exposure. I started writing out everything on my “Phenomenal Woman” calendar given to me by a supportive friend. I started mapping out my finances to ensure I could pay my bills in a timely manner. The road has been filled with bumps, bruises, sadness, frustration, excitement, gratefulness, support and love. The lesson learned: you have to trust your intuition and be aware of the messages that you receive from God. In my case, I don’t hear directly from God but I receive visions and positive things happen just when I need it. I call on my Angels to help me all the time. Remember to be grateful and positive all the time no matter if the enemy try’s to slide in. The positivity will “kick the enemy to the curb”. Don’t let others steal your joy, you will run into people that will want you to change your products to benefit them. You have to know the difference between a good idea and a bad one. You can not please everyone! Stay Focused, Stay Positive, Dream Big

--Kristi Diane

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