• Kristi D.


How do we balance everyday LIFE? It is definitely a challenge for some and may be easy for others. We may have children pulling us this way and that way, we may have bills that are due or overdue, we may have spouses or significant other that we have to cater to, or we may have to squeeze in a workout to remain healthy. I do not have the answer to the question above. I do know that taking a deep breath and setting time aside to focus on ourselves can create some form of Peace. I will share with you what brings me peace and calms my nerves. I take pictures of nature, I create inspirational products, I listen to my favorite gospel songs, I get a massage, I take walks at the park (when the weather allows), I take vacations, and I take deep breathes through out the day! I encourage you to take the time out of your busy Life and explore what brings you Balance!

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