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True Story

I don't like to share my personal business on social media; however, I felt this story needed to be shared. I have come to realize in my older age that it is not about me, it's about others! This is the story about the picture attached (it's a long Blog). I have been studying for a test that I have to take and pass for my job. The test is for certification and is comprised of 150 weighted questions. Now mind you, the last test I took like that was for my Social Work Licensure in 2008. So, I have been a little stressed with studying and still performing my work duties. On Friday, 6/15/18, I woke up early and decided to meditate to calm my nerves (this is not something that I do). I googled "how to meditate and connect with God". I put my head phones on and closed my eyes and started listening. The person guiding you said, "Ask God to come into your life", so I did. Then the person guiding you said, "The words that you see are God speaking to you". Well, I didn't see any words. But what I did see was a figure of myself with the sun shining on me. I didn't think much of it and figured God had nothing to say to me. So, I went out on my deck to get a breath of fresh air before working. The clouds were doing a fancy dance, so I took pictures. I was about to go inside but decided to stretch and walk onto my second deck. I looked up and there was a rainbow, so again I started taking pictures and accepted that, that was my confirmation that God was listening. When I take pictures, I take several at different angles. Well, I posted the photos on social media to help inspire others. What I did not realize, until my husband brought it to may attention after sending him a different photo from the one I posted on social media, that there was a Lion's head in the photo (hovering over my house). So I looked, and there is was, clear as mud (although mud is not clear). Moral to the story: it was confirmation for me that God is listening and with me at all times. God may not speak but will definitely Show Up! I hope this has inspired you! This is my story and I don't push any religious beliefs on others!

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