In Her Own Words:

I obtained my Associate’s Degree in Science Technology from the University of Cincinnati in 1993, my Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts from Xavier University in 2000, and my Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Cincinnati in 2007.  I later received my LSW in 2008.
At the age of 42, my soul started searching for "Peace" and "Tranquility".   My life up until that point had been anything but.  I was sexually abused by a family member at a young age, became fatherless at the age of 12 due to my father leaving my mother and refusing to care for us, had two children before graduating from high school and a total of four children by the time I was 25.  As a young single mother of four, I struggled to provide for my children and relied on public assistance.  “Peace” and “Tranquility” were definitely not a part of my world. 
Like I stated above, I was desperately in search of “Peace” and “Tranquility,"  even though I had no idea what they would look like in my life filled with strife and turmoil. But I began to search. It was during this search that I started looking to the sky and there I found the “Peace” and “Tranquility” I was searching for.  At that point, I started taking pictures. My pictures began to open new doors for me and a new way of thinking and seeing the world around me. They helped me to believe in a higher being and see a higher purpose for my life.
My goal is to encourage and inspire you to find your purpose, your source of strength, to bring you peace and to help you heal your soul. My photos have inspired me to share my gifts with the world through inspirational products for both children and adults.  I hope you are also encouraged to never stop chasing your dreams.
   Everyone has a Story!
         Everyone has a Journey!
                Everyone has a Purpose!
Kristi Diane Williams
Accomplishments: Kristi’s breathtaking photos have been featured in 2016 HOMEARAMA® luxury home show in the Artisan custom builder home. Her work is also displayed in the green room at the Funny Bone Comedy Club in  Liberty Township, Ohio and was featured at the Arthouse Art Show “The Art of Structure.” Kristi received the Award of Excellence from the Manhattan Arts International Exhibition, “The Healing Power of Art 2016.”